Storms don’t last forever

Yesterday was a pretty rough day for me, not gunna lie. All the stress and pressure from college was finally getting to me, finals are fast approaching and I have all these assignments and due dates and honestly it’s been all I could do to keep my head above water. Then, on top of all that, I was driving home from school and my car decided to break down. Luckily, I was already almost home and I was in the turning lane already, instead of being on the highway or in the middle of traffic. But it was just too much, it added to all the emotional stress I was feeling, and I just broke down, sort of like my car. Did I mention it was pouring down rain outside? No? Well, it was. It’s been raining, non-stop, for almost four days in North Carolina.

I was sitting in my car, just crying and trying not to have a complete panic attack.  The rain was just beating down and for awhile all I could hear was the rain and my sobs. Then it was like I heard this tiny little voice in my head, telling me to be still. So I took a few deep breaths, wiped my face, and I tried to be still. It was still raining, but the rain had slowed down some, and somehow I calmed down. My mom came and got me, the car was towed back to the house, and I went home and got some homework done.

But the most calming, reassuring thing happening near the end of the day. I was still worried about the car, trying to figure out what was wrong with it (pretty sure it’s the fuel pump), hoping it wasn’t an expensive fix because I had no idea where we’d get the money. Plus, you know, I was trying to figure out how I would get to school and work for the rest of the week. Needless to say, I was still very much wound up and anxious and far away from being still and calm. It was also still raining, which is a semi-important factor.

So, my mom and I went for dinner and after we wound up getting our nails done. And after mine were finished, I looked outside and noticed the rain had stopped, and it’s place was one of the prettiest sunsets I’d seen awhile. And then I remembered, be still.

God is so awesome, you guys. He knows exactly what we need and when we need it. For me, I needed that sunset to remind me storms don’t last forever. At some point, the clouds break and the sun peaks out to stretch it’s legs, or rays. I’d been inside this dark cloud for days, a dark cloud of anxiety and stress, but when I saw that killer sunset it was like that cloud was just lifted. God has the power to lift all of our anxieties and worries, to take away our storms and replace it with peace. Yes, I’m still worried about my car and homework, but I know that at the end of the day it’s all going to be okay. God’s got me, He’s got this. Worrying isn’t going to do you any good.

And anyways, the storm isn’t going to last forever. It’ll stop eventually, the sun will come back out, and everything will be okay. I can promise that.

I’ll leave you with a verse that reminds us not to worry, but to give it all God and let Him fix things for us. And a cool picture of a sunset. Processed with VSCO with q3 presetIMG_8304


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